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You'll get a picture of the koi/goldfish, you click on the koi fish where it's sick, or choose from several other behavioral options that your koi may be exhibiting.

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If you have a koi, pond or fish problem, this site takes you through twenty easy questions and at the end you know what you need to fix in your pond to create restored Koi health.



Two Inches of Koi per Ten Gallons of Water

This "two per ten" stocking density is 100% "do-able" however you will have to be constantly vigilant about your pond water quality water quality, and the stability of your pond pH and you should be aware that accumulation of organics, background pollution and bacterial overgrowth will be constantly troubling.

Excellent, large filtration and careful attention to water changes will prevent health problems, but fish will still grow more slowly, at the two per ten level.

In my [ELJ] fishkeeping career, I have seldom kept less than two inches of fish in ten gallons of water. I have, over time, paid dearly for that "high intensity" stocking level.

Here's a good [better] idea about stocking.

"One inch of fish per ten gallons of pond water will do well if adequately filtrated and small, regular pond water changes are done."