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You'll get a picture of the koi / goldfish, you click on the koi fish where it's sick, or choose from several other behavioral options that your koi may be exhibiting.

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What to feed? What not to feed? How much to feed? What to look for in labels? And more can be found at this koi nutrition site.



How to dose in smaller systems with Potassium permanganate

Get one gallon jug of distilled water. Pour off a little of the water to make room for your potassium crystals in the jug.

Dip two level measuring teaspoons (@14 grams) of reagent grade or granular potassium permanganate.

Transfer the potassium permanganate granules into the gallon of water and cap it tightly. Hold the cap on, and agitate the jug until the potassium permaanganate is thoroughly mixed.

You've got a 0.04 % solution there; it's fairly weak. But don't put any fish in it or they will die flatly. The gallon jug you made contains a stock solution which will be used to dose the smaller pond or aquarium you want to medicate.

If your target dose is the recommended 4 PPM, please dose the 0.04% stock solution into the tanks; and follow the dosing charts below.

+ Use one full measuring cup of the liquid solution (240 ml) per sixty gallons of water.

+ One third of a measuring cup of the liquid solution (80 ml) per twenty gallons of water.

+ Three tablespoons of the liquid solution (45 ml) in ten gallons of water.

When the water turns from purple to amber, you can reverse the treatment with hydrogen peroxide. Put regular 3% USP Hydrogen peroxide into a regular water squirt bottle, and use one long squirt of 3% hydrogen peroxide, per one gallon of water.

Fish Medicines

Learn about fish medicines, what they do, and where to get them.

If you have a koi, pond or fish problem, this site takes you through twenty easy questions and at the end you know what you need to fix in your pond to create restored Koi health.

Koi Crisis has a symptoms chart by system you can choose the symptom by fish part, and resolve a lot of Koi pond fish problems or at least, learn about them understand how to remedy them.

Koi Food & Feeding
What should you feed your koi? How many times per day? Is Corn really that bad in a Koi diet? What are the most common feeding mistakes people make? What's the best food?


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