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Chloramine T Bacterial Gill Disease in Koi

What It Is: Chloramine T is a pale powder which is powerful against bacterial gill disease and parasitic infections. 

What It's Good At: Chloramine T kills bacteria which infect and kill your koi. Bacterial gill disease is eradicated.

BackGround: This chemical was initially tested at UC Davis in California and has found widespread popularity in the treatment of ornamental pond livestock. The chemical is safe when used correctly.

Pros: Effectively controls bacterial gill disease and several parasites including gill and body flukes. Safe when dosed correctly.

Cons: If used at too high a dose, Chloramine T can "burn" the fishes' skin. It can kill beneficial filter bacteria so users are expected to bypass treated-water flow around their filters.

Up Date: An excellent treatment for Koi Bacterial Disease is Ulcer Aid Rx