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You'll get a picture of the koi/goldfish, you click on the koi fish where it's sick, or choose from several other behavioral options that your koi may be exhibiting.

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Feeding Koi

What to feed?
What not to feed?
How much to feed?
What to look for in labels?

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Have questions about care of sick fish and/or pond water quality problems and how to treat them? We have the answers.

Fish Medicines

Learn about fish medicines, what they do, and where to get them.


If you have a koi, pond or fish problem, this site takes you through twenty easy questions and at the end you know what you need to fix in your pond to create restored Koi health.



SaltReasons you have sick koi

The most important thing you need to know is that when your koi are sick, you must ask yourself, "What Did I Do To Deserve This?"

And usually the answer will be in:

And, once the horse is out of the barn, you can shut the barn doors all you want, but you must act, and act definitively.

Perhaps the best way to do that would be to use Aqua Meds FREE "HELP FORM"which supplies step by step instructions and information on how to recover the fish you're working with.

If your losses are radically fast, then you're either dealing with water quality issues as suggested above, or perhaps something of a Koi virus, like KHV.