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You'll get a picture of the koi/goldfish, you click on the koi fish where it's sick, or choose from several other behavioral options that your koi may be exhibiting.

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What to feed?
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If you have a koi, pond or fish problem, this site takes you through twenty easy questions and at the end you know what you need to fix in your pond to create restored Koi health.



Topical Remedy for Koi Ulcers and body sores

Topical treatments for koi ulcers and body sores have ranged from Iodine in the olden days, to potassium permanganate rubs and even more recently, hydrogen peroxide. These have one thing in common: They excoriate or burn the adjacent tissues.

  • Panolog – Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, helps healing. Can work alone.
  • Tincture of Iodine – cauterizes, applied directly, stains badly. Very effective. 7% best
  • Hydrogen Peroxide – Elegant! Very effective, no staining, cauterizes, antibacterial, safe.
  • Potassium permanganate – caustic, stains, antibacterial cauterizer.
  • Mercurachrome – Stains for a very long time, safe for humans, effective, good choice. Do not scrub.

Healing Koi Ulcers and How You Can Screw It Up

  • Folks, only treat meat-red, bloody koi ulcers
  • Don't treat pink wounds directly.
  • Do not scrub if koi ulcer is tidy and neat.
  • When the koi ulcer is pink with white rim – LEAVE IT ALONE
  • Do not scrub healing koi ulcers


There is little doubt that the average hobbyist would be best served to combine MediKoi medicated food and antibacterial bath together to recover their koi. Not only are the treatments effective, they are also cost effective.