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A goldfish gets an injection

Syringes and needles are available
over the counter at the local pharmacy.

Injections for Koi

Giving your koi injections will be the best way to save your koi with bacterial infections, especially koi that will not eat medicated food.

UPDATE: If you cannot obtain antibiotics the best treatment would be: Ulcer Aid Rx™. 

I strenuously recommend that you obtain the necessary injectable antibiotics and the syringes and needles, and commence injections immediately.

Consider the following when undertaking this.

Injection of Koi and other ornamental fish should be undertaken only when the risks are weighed against the benefits. There is a 5% chance that a fish will be injured or die when injected, even with a safe drug. With experience, the percentage drops dramatically. I recommend use of a 1cc tuberculin syringe. Needle size is best at 25 gauge, 3/4 inch length. Catch the fish as unstressfully as possible. If the fish is laboring in the net, let him go and try again later. You can place him in a plastic bag with the water let out. Insert the needle at an angle, aiming through the fish as if to emerge at the mouth, going in just behind the ventral fins, but well in front of the anus or vent.

A preferred location for injection is UNDER the pelvic fin, in the soft pit at the base of this fin.

Quickly depress the plunger and withdraw the needle. Most damage is done if the fish moves with the needle in place, as the needle's bevel is sharp and can lacerate intestines if the fish thrashes. You will usually take a scale with each shot. BIG DEAL. Trying to miss a scale will only land you in the center of another one.

For all but a few drugs, injection every day for 3 days then EOD for 2-3 more is a good rule of thumb.